January 15, 2024

Understanding the Benefits of Car Subscription with Europcar Flex in Abu Dhabi for Expats

Moving to the vibrant UAE is always an exhilarating decision. Whether you’re solo, with a partner, or with the whole family, exploring the beauty of Abu Dhabi calls for reliable transport. Instead of the commitment of buying a new or pre-owned car, consider the smarter and more flexible option of Car Subscription with Europcar Flex.

At Europcar Abu Dhabi, we specialize in not just short-term rentals but also long-term leasing and car subscription, tailored to meet the unique needs of expats. Wondering why car subscription is a superior choice? Here are some of the compelling reasons to opt for car subscription over buying.

1. Financial Ease:

Moving to a new country entails expenses, and the crucial responsibility of managing finances wisely. Instead of a significant upfront investment in a car, car subscription offers a more manageable option. Pay a monthly fee that can include essentials like insurance and breakdown cover, ensuring smaller, more predictable and planned financial outlays.

2. Flexible Choices:

Europcar Flex offers flexibility in choosing the duration and mileage package that suits you. Whether you need a family car, a daily driver, or a Super Saver option with extra drivers, our subscription packages adapt to your preferences. This plan provides choices of a one, three, six, or nine-month agreement with a generous mileage allowance of 3000, 4000 or 5000 km monthly.

3. Sustainable Driving:

Europcar Flex embraces a sustainable future catering to eco-conscious drivers. Enjoy leases of up to nine months with a monthly mileage allowance of up to 5000, reducing your carbon footprint while keeping driving costs in check. Our fleet is young and changed every 2 years ensuring our vehicles do not disturb our mother nature to an extent.

4. Comprehensive Support:

Europcar Flex understands that it’s not just about the car; it’s about the support and service you receive. Whether you’re opting for a mini, an intermediate, a standard, or a SUV, our car subscription service offers full support and advice. Need to swap vehicles or extend your lease? We’ve got you covered with efficient service and paperwork.