Terms and Conditions


1. Insurance

All of the provided vehicles are fully insured, including personal accident insurance, where the renter / subscriber is only responsible for paying the amount of 1200-2500 dirhams (depending on the vehicle category) in the event of causing traffic accidents (according to the police report that he must obtain) and this includes the (hit and run) cases. The renter / subscriber can avoid paying this amount by purchasing collateral warranty (CDW) and paying an amount that varies according to the category of the rented vehicle.

2. Pick up or Delivery

The renter / subscriber may choose between pick up from Europcar branch for no additional charge or delivery to a specific address for a charge of 75 AED within Abu Dhabi and 300 AED in other emirates at the time of booking.

The renter / subscriber is required to provide correct address, contact details, date and timings according to their requirement for delivery.

3. Vehicle Check-out & Check-in:-

Upon receipt and delivery, the Europcar employee will inspect the vehicle for the customer to ensure and record the condition of the vehicle upon its check-out or check- in. The subscription contract is not concluded and the rental value is not settled unless you hand it over to the Europcar employee. At the time of maintenance, malfunctions or accidents, you must inform the team and make it accessible for them to collect the vehicle and provide you with a replacement – free of charge – with a similar vehicle (or as available) pending the repair or maintenance of your vehicle. The renter / subscriber must ensure that there are no valuable belongings when handing over or replacing the vehicle and Europcar disclaims responsibility for the loss of any belongings in the vehicle.

4. Accidents

In the event of traffic accidents, the renter / subscriber must contact the police and not move the vehicle until he is instructed by the authorities to avoid obstructing traffic, and he must bring (police report + damage repair sheet) to the Europcar employee, otherwise he must pay the full costs of repairing the vehicle and the damages resulting from that accident.

5. Fuel

Only lead free fuel is allowed, and upon handing over of the car, the renter / subscriber must fill the fuel tank with the same amount of fuel when it was received, or he will be required to pay the costs of filling the missing fuel plus an additional service fee of 20%.

6. Mileage

Renter / subscriber will be limited to 2000, 3000 or 5000 km per month as chosen by the individual while confirming the booking. Renter / subscriber will be charged 0.26 to 0.37 AED per extra km for every km driven over the chosen mileage monthly limit chosen while confirming the booking.

The renter / subscriber may choose between the fixed mileage options for the subscription term while confirming the booking. The renter / subscriber contact the branch if they wish to change the mileage, however the rates per month will differ according to the mileage chosen.

7. Eligibility

In order for a renter / subscriber to enroll in the Subscription Program, a renter / subscriber must, at a minimum, meet the following requirements: (i) Meet Europcar’ s general subscription requirements; (ii) be at least twenty five (21) years old, unless otherwise required by law; (iii) possess a valid UAE Driver’s License issued in renter / subscriber’s name for atleast 1 year, displaying renter / subscriber’s appearance, and that is not suspended, confiscated, revoked, or expired; (iv) possess and use for payment of any fees owed hereunder a valid bank-issued credit card (no pre-paid or debit cards) issued in renter / subscriber’s name; and (v) possess a verifiable current email and physical address.

Renter / subscriber agrees to provide Europcar with true, current, and accurate information, including, but not limited to, renter / subscriber’s name, address, telephone number, email address, driver’s license, and credit card information. Renter / subscriber further hereby warrants that renter / subscriber’s driver’s license will be valid for the Term and all Renewal Terms. If at any time during the Term or Renewal Term a renter / subscriber does not meet the minimum requirements stated in this section, Europcar shall be allowed to immediately terminate the renter / subscriber’s subscription program.

8. Driver Qualification & Accepted driving licenses

Residents and GCC countries: – The renter / subscriber must have an Emirati ID and a UAE driving license, the driver’s age should not be less than 21 years, and the driver’s license must be issued a year ago in order to be allowed to drive the rented vehicle, except for citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries to allow driving with the driving license of their country under the same previous conditions according to Resolution No. 126/2008.

Visitors: As for visitors, they must present a recognized driver’s license in accordance with the laws, in addition to a passport, and he is obligated to notify Europcar as soon as the visit period ends, or his status is changed to a resident, or the driver’s license is replaced, as in the event of a change of status, he will not be covered by insurance and driving the vehicle is subject to legal liability due to violating laws and regulations and Europcar disclaims its responsibility in the event the renter / subscriber has not notified of his status within the country.

Additional driver: – Europcar accepts the presence of additional drivers provided that the same conditions apply to the additional (driver/drivers), for a fee of 200 AED per month for the duration of the subscription, and use of the vehicle is limited only to the names on the rental agreement.

9. Authorized Drivers

The vehicle may only be driven by the renter / subscriber. However the renter / subscriber may choose to add an additional driver while booking the subscription and have them present with required documents at the time of pick up or delivery.

Only drivers mentioned on the contract are authorized to drive the vehicle. 

Operation by an unauthorized driver voids any/all coverages and waivers. 

10. Traffic Violations, Darb & Salik

All costs resulting from fines for traffic violations and accidents or from penalties imposed by the traffic police or any other competent authorities, and that occur during the rental period, will be borne by the renter / subscriber and he must pay the due amount in addition to an extra service fee calculated at the rate of 10% (for violations) and with an increase of 1 additional dirham (for Salik and Darb) for each crossing of the Salik and Darb gate. Europcar has the right to collect the rental value or any other charges from the customer’s credit card. The customer has the right to request a breakdown in return for deducting any amounts.

11. Out of UAE Rental

The renter / subscriber is not allowed to take the car outside the borders of the United Arab Emirates, as this is only allowed after the approval of Europcar and the renter / subscriber obtaining the documents that allow him to do so in return for a fee to be notified to the renter / subscriber. In the event of any breakdown or accident of the vehicle outside the country, the renter / subscriber is responsible for bringing it to the borders of the UAE so that the Europcar team can repair it.

12. Value Added Tax (VAT):-

The value added tax is applied as applicable in the UAE, with an additional 5% value to be paid by the customer.

13. Additional Optional Accessories

Any additional optional accessories renter / subscriber may desire must be added at the commencement of this Agreement. In the event of adding optional accessories at a later stage, the renter / subscriber has to contact the headoffice branch via the following contact information: Call: +971 2 626 1441 (106 or 105)

Whatsapp: +971 50 425 3033

Email: counterh.q@europcar-uae.com

14. Usage of Vehicle/s:-

The renter / subscriber must check the oil, water and tires while driving the vehicle.

The renter / subscriber also undertakes not to use the vehicle in:

  • Pushing or pulling any other vehicle or object, in racing or in pleasure driving (auto racing)
  • Off-road driving, desert safari, or driving lessons.
  • It is not allowed to rent the vehicle to any third party, as failure to do so will result in the renter / subscriber being held legally responsible for the amounts resulting from all damages and necessary repairs and any other fees and fines.
  • It is also not permitted to use the vehicle for a purpose other than the purpose for which it is rented.

15. Vehicle Swap

The renter / subscriber may choose to exchange this vehicle for another vehicle model during the subscription term or any subsequent renewal terms, on request to Europcar and subject to availability. 

No other charges will be applied if the renter / subscriber wishes to change to another vehicle within the same vehicle class for the first time. The renter / subscriber will thereafter incur charges for any vehicle swap following the initial vehicle swap, regardless of whether the vehicle is within the same class as the current vehicle or a higher class.

During the subscription term, if the renter / subscriber exchanges their vehicle for a higher vehicle class than their current Vehicle, then renter / subscriber will be charged the monthly rate for the upgraded vehicle category for the entire Term in which the exchange occurred and will be charged this new fee for all subsequent Renewal Terms.

Renter / subscriber must notify EUROPCAR of their intention to obtain a Vehicle Swap at least three (3) days prior to such Vehicle Swap occurring. Any Vehicle Swap must take place at a EUROPCAR location, as designated by EUROPCAR, in its sole discretion.

16. Non-Smoking Policy

Europcar follows a policy of non-smoking in its vehicles where it is prohibited to do so and failure to comply will expose the renter / subscriber to a fine of 300 dirhams.

17. Vehicle Return and Damage

At Europcar’ s sole discretion, the staff may request that renter / subscriber to return or otherwise make available the Vehicle provided. EUROPCAR is required to give at least three (3) days prior notice to renter / subscriber. On the due date or upon demand, renter / subscriber will return the Vehicle in the same operating condition as received. Europcar holds the right to call back the subsription car if it (a) is not returned on the due date; (b) is illegally parked; (c) is used in violation of the law or of this Agreement; (d) is or appears to be abandoned, or (e) if renter / subscriber provides false or misleading information at time of their application, all charges for the repossession will be renter / subscriber’s responsibility.

Warning: If renter / subscriber fails to return the Vehicle on the due date or within five (5) days after a written or oral demand to renter / subscriber (which demand, if in writing, shall be considered delivered after the delivery of a certified letter addressed to the residence or business address of renter / subscriber), renter / subscriber will be deemed to be in unlawful possession of the Vehicle and to have authorized the issuance of a warrant for legal action against renter / subscriber or any person possessing the Vehicle and may be charged with the violation of applicable statutes. renter / subscriber must report all accidents involving the Vehicle, theft of the Vehicle, and vandalism to us within twenty-four (24) hours of occurrence, and to the police as soon as renter / subscriber discovers them. renter / subscriber will not operate the Vehicle if it is damaged or in need of repair and will be responsible for all damage to the Vehicle resulting from such use. renter / subscriber will not permit any repair to or replacement of any part of the Vehicle without the prior consent of EUROPCAR

18. Term and Renewal

The Term of this Agreement shall begin immediately upon the date renter / subscriber indicates they will pick up the Vehicle on their application, or, if applicable, on the date the renter / subscriber chose for the delivery of the Vehicle. Should renter / subscriber choose to wait longer, pick up, or accept delivery of the Vehicle at a later time, the Term will still begin on the date renter / subscriber originally selected for pick up or delivery of the Vehicle in their application.

The initial term will continue for either one, three, six, or nine calendar months as mentioned in the booking and contract. Following the end of the term, the renter / subscriber is required to make a new booking and visit the branch to open the new contract.

19. Payment & Deposit:

Please receive the payment receipt, otherwise the invoice will be considered payable. Europcar accepts the guarantee amount by credit card only, and does not accept payment by cash or debit card (debit card). The guarantee amount will be withheld starting from 1500 up to 3500 AED according to the vehicle category and will be charged to your credit card account in order to guarantee traffic violations, darb, salik and additional payments (if any). In case of delay in returning the amount after the said period, the renter / subscriber is kindly requested to refer to the bank, and Europcar is not responsible for the difference in the value of the currencies between the time of withholding the guarantee amount and the time of its release

(if any).

20. Early Termination Charges

If the renter / subscriber terminates the subscription prior to the expiration of the term, they will be charged the difference in the amount of the relevant slab at the time of booking and booked slab for the remainder of the months.

The charge will be (actual tenure rate – promised tenure rate) * number of months

21. Termination

EUROPCAR may, in its sole discretion, terminate this Agreement immediately upon written notice to renter / subscriber if renter / subscriber materially breaches these terms and conditions.

Renter / subscriber may terminate their subscription program by visiting any Europcar branch and dropping off the vehicle or providing written notice to the branch on counterh.q@europcar-uae.com no less than 48 hours prior to the end of term in case of arranging pick up for an additional charge.